I wish to thank the Emeka Offor Foundation for its kind invitation to attend the book and school supplies donation and ceremony at Oraifite.
Please allow me to use this occasion to congratulate the Emeka Offor Foundation for this wonderful initiative. From my time in Nigeria, I am keenly aware of the need for primary and secondary school books, school supplies, library, university, and law school books, and computers. This extremely generous donation of over 1 million school books, law texts, a large container of school supplies, and over 100 computers will go a long way to meet the needs of Nigeria's future generation. It is a rare display of the kind of generosity of spirit and caring that is so often lacking in our world today and demonstrates an abiding love for Nigeria and Nigerians. Today's donation is just one of many good deeds that the Emeka Offor Foundation has undertaken.

Howard F. Jeter, Former US Ambassador to Nigeria

I am Anyasor Damian a third year student of the department of Biochemistry. I must say that the books from the Emeka Foundation are very helpful to me. In the course of doing an assignment, I was able to gather quite a lot from the books, especially in the area of chemical reactions.


My name is Stanley Ugwu, a final year student of the Faculty of Law, I am grateful to those who donated the books; I am from a very poor background, I do not know how it would have been if our library is not equipped with the kind of books stocked in it, because they are very expensive, and I would not have been able to afford it. God bless who ever sent them.


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