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At these power levels, the engines are breathtaking and bulletproof. Precise engine management developed and validated by Callaway, utilizes the original equipment sensors, actuators and control modules. Restrictions to airflow are eliminated with high-flow air intake systems and Callaway exhaust systems.

Callaway sweats the details of every engine compartment including VIN-specific underhood badges that authenticate Callaway as the Genuine Article. Moms grabbed their kids, grandmas fainted, everybody else ran screaming.

Then I hit the gas and realized the neighbors had every right to be terrified. Thankfully it was not my fate to become a cautionary tale that day, and with a payday loan online gentle release of the throttle, the AeroWagen regained composure.

I took a little longer. Like many of you, I got all excited over the Callaway AeroWagen because it looks weird.

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